MLK Dream Weekend

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While the MLK Dream Weekend Diversity Banquet is an elegant event that features a top of the line speaker, the most powerful facet is seeing the many people from various communities come together in celebration of Dr. King’s vision. Minister Eddie Young, MLK Dream Weekend Community Outreach Chair


Minister Eddie Young

Statement of Purpose

With Greenville County being not only the last county in the state, but also the last county in the nation to approve the King Holiday, it became apparent that there was a significant opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate such an important and necessary milestone. As a result, MLK Dream Weekend, was initiated in 2006 to establish an annual community-wide celebration of the MLK Holiday for the Greenville, South Carolina area. The events serve to honor Dr. King’s legacy and represent his values. Through these events, Greenville is setting forth new paradigms of togetherness, multi-cultural appreciation, spiritual renewal, and economic posturing. MLK Dream Weekend gives Upstate citizens an opportunity to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., while celebrating the diversity of the community in which we live. With compassion, togetherness and a community spirit, Greenville has achieved success in its work to change lives by exploring possibilities and expanding potential for people of all races. By encouraging each other to take action on our dreams, we can change the future for ourselves and for all of Greenville County.

MLK Dream Weekend is more than just events that span over the holiday weekend. It is an organization of civic and business leaders committed to the cause of Dr. King and the people of Greenville County. The weekend is an opportunity to celebrate how much we’ve accomplished as a society since Dr. King inspired us with his dream and his actions.


The vision of MLK DW is to be the premier community-wide organization that honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King the Upstate, S.C.


The mission of MLK DW is to honor Dr. King’s legacy through a collaboration of community leaders, business executives, civic organizations and academic institutions to encourage and implement scholarships, diversity, community service and other values that represent Dr. King.