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The diversity banquet was phenomenal! I was impressed to see the caliber of scholarship recipients and the amount awarded.  Sandra E. Yúdice, MLK Dream Weekend Diversity Committee


Sandra E. Yúdice

Executive Committee


The MLK Dream Weekend Executive Committee consists of the Executive Board and other committee chairs of key areas recognized by the Board to be critical to the success of MLK Dream Weekend. Committee chairs are appointed by the Board. The Executive Committee is governed by by-laws determined by the Board. The Board is a working board in that all Board members are responsible for key areas of responsibility as outlined below.

Diversity Committee –
Identify opportunities to help MLK DW reach diverse audiences and increase engagement of underrepresented communities. Ensure that the concept of diversity is threaded through everything that MLK DW does so that it’s always top–of–mind and diversity and inclusion is evident in all of MLK DW’s efforts. Help us further our mission to demonstrate that MLK DW is for all people of the Upstate community.

Youth Committee –
Oversee plans and execution of youth activities ages 5-12. Identify ways to get youth involved in other MLK DW events in an effective way such as the Prayer Vigil, Volunteer Day, Dreams in Action Day, etc. with a concentration on more structured DIA Day activities.

Scholarships Committee -Tony Griffin, Chair
Recruit individuals to serve on committee responsible for engaging Upstate students to apply for scholarships, oversee the selection process, communicate with candidates accordingly, present the scholarship awards at the Diversity Banquet, and serve as the point of contact for students as they await winners to be announced.

Scholarship Coordinator for Upstate High Schools –
Develop database of all upstate high school guidance counselors’ contact information and ensure the counselors are sharing the information with the students.

Community Outreach Committee –
Responsible for ensuring that MLK DW has a presence in the community, throughout the year, by identifying key opportunities for MLK DW to gain visibility at events, etc. Bring these opportunities to the attention of the board along with recommendations for how we can best take advantage of those opportunities. Serve as the key point of contact for ensuring we have granted permission to have a role, determine what our role will be, and coordinate with others to ensure we have proper representation (street teams to pass out flyers, table with MLK DW materials, etc.) and other resources as required.

Volunteer Committee –
Work with appropriate committee chairs to identify volunteer needs and communicate those to the Hands on Greenville contact that will help us secure volunteers. Follow up with volunteers that express interest in helping via the website and assign them volunteer duties. Assist with coordinating and facilitating volunteer training. Work with committee chairs to draft volunteer job descriptions and ensure all volunteers are aware of specific details related to their participation (arrival time, date of training, attire, tasks, etc.).