MLK Dream Weekend



I wanted to send a thank you on behalf of the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha for the opportunity to present Roland with the noted gift of appreciation. The Diversity Banquet was very nice and I truly enjoyed the message from Roland as well as the meal. Again, thank you for an outstanding program… Read More


Travis C. Smith

Volunteer Opportunities

MLK Dream Weekend Volunteer 2015 Volunteer Job Descriptions

MLK Dream Weekend volunteers play a very important role and are critical to the success of the weekend of events. Volunteers are asked to assist guests and the event coordinators in a friendly and sociable manner. Please note that all volunteers should defer questions that you cannot answer to the Volunteer Chairperson or Area Captain as well as defer all reporters/media to the event coordinators so that the MLK Dream Weekend Marketing Director can satisfy the request. Please do not attempt to participate in formal interviews with the media contacts that may be present at the MLK Dream Weekend events. Badges will be provided for all volunteers and coordinators which are required so that the staff is easily identified.

MLK Prayer Vigil

Thursday, January 15, 2015, 7:00pm
Peace Center Graham Plaza
Volunteer attire is black business casual
Volunteer Meeting – Thursday, January 15, 6:15pm – Peace Center Graham Plaza

Volunteer Job Descriptions
Assistants – Arrive by 6:15pm – Assist the Volunteer Chair as requested, utilize the program to check-off program participants and direct them to the correct area, troubleshoot – defer to the area captains as needed. (Need 5 volunteers)

First Aid – Request that First Aid personnel be a health care worker. Arrive by 6:30pm and setup. Ensure that you have first aid kit that is stocked with emergency paraphernalia (Need 1 volunteer)

Greeters – Arrive by 6:15pm – Smile and greet attendees, direct them to area for the vigil, direct program participants to an assistant, act as traffic control as needed (Need 5 volunteers)

Hosts – Arrive by 6:15pm – Welcome guests, distribute, light & collect candles (Need 10 volunteers)

MLK Diversity Banquet

Friday, January 16, 2015 at the TD Convention Center
Time: 7:00-9:30pm Cost: $60 per person, $550 per table of 10
Volunteer Cost: $50 per person
Event attire is semiformal
The attire for male volunteers is a black suit
The attire for the female volunteers is a black suit or dress
Volunteer Meeting – TBD at the TD Convention Center

Volunteer Job Descriptions
Diversity Banquet Registrars – Arrive by 5:00pm -Set up registration. Please ensure timely flow through registration. If there is a question, please see an area captain or Volunteer Chair immediately. (Need 20 volunteers)
Registration will have four areas: (DO NOT COLLECT TICKETS AT REGISTRATION)

Honoree/VIP guest/participants check-in – The honoree/guest/participants (including scholarship recipients) have VIP status and should be immediately checked off on the list. Registrar will receive a photo ID card to assist in identifying special guests. Honorees/guests should be immediately escorted into the ballroom and seated. Participants should be escorted to the hospitality room for participants.

Sponsor check-in – The sponsors have preferred status and should receive their table row and then be directed to an escort for seating. DO NOT SEND SPONSORS to TROUBLESHOOT DESK; handle all sponsor related questions at the sponsor check-in. If the sponsor has a question that can’t be answered at the sponsor check-in, then the sponsor check-in registrar or area captain should go to troubleshoot to ascertain the answer.

Ticket sales/Will Call – Registrar will sale tickets and take money for the Will Call tickets as needed. Need to place each ticket sold on the balance sheet along with the Will Call name for purchases. Give the attendee their ticket and advise the attendee of their table row and name and then direct them to the escorts. Registrar will setup the list of Will Call – List will be divided by organization and name in ABC order; check the attendee off and give ticket. If payment is needed (red on envelope or list, then have the head registrar, give them their ticket and take their payment). Advise the attendee of their table row and name and direct them to the hosts

Troubleshooting Desk – Need detail oriented person to man – will have listing of all transactions, sponsors, and tables. Communicate with the event coordinator after reviewing data and you cannot determine the status.

Diversity Banquet Escorts (Male) & Hospitality Hosts (Females) – Arrive by 5:00pm – Escorts & Hosts should COLLECT ATTENDEE TICKETS AT THE DOOR (no one is to enter without a ticket or express consent from theVolunteer Chair) and place in the basket (if a guest wishes to step out, allow them to have a portion of a ticket, so they can return to the event). Follow the seating guide for the honoree/guest/participants and for sponsor/donor tables; seat all other guests from front to back, filling one table at a time. The seating guide will be in ABC order by name and/ organization. Unless agreed by the Volunteer Chair, we will not hold seats for late arrivals at general admission tables. (Need 30 volunteers)

Diversity Banquet Greeters – Arrive by 5:00pm – Smile and greet guests as they arrive and direct to restrooms as needed. Greeters will receive a photo ID card to assist in identifying special guests. When a special guest is identified, direct them to the VIP check-in immediately. Direct other guests to the proper registration area. (Need 12 volunteers)