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I really enjoyed Roland Martin. He was riveting and thought provoking. I think he woke up a lot of folks. And you did a great job of organizing the weekend. I think you single handedly doubled attendance!  Elizabeth Lyons, TD Convention Center and President Elect of Rotary of Greenville


Elizabeth Lyons

July 23rd, 2010

The Power of Shared Dreams

“Put your dreams into action.”  Many times, this kind of encouragement can sound more like “What’s the matter with you? Why aren’t you out there living your dream?”  Such a matter-of-fact view suggests that you need nothing more than some faith, courage and the willpower to get up and go.  But, sometimes dreams require more than you as an individual can give.  Sometimes dreams won’t happen until people come together and stand beside you, encourage you, and share the risks and costs with you.

July 16 marked the 50th anniversary of the “Greenville 8” who challenged the Greenville County Library System’s segregation policies and set in motion a chain of events that resulted in a fully integrated Greenville Public Library a few months later.  The eight African-American students who were part of the peaceful sit-in were arrested and then released after less than an hour in jail.

Actions like that certainly require an inner conviction that your dream can affect real change in your own community.  That’s the kind of conviction that made these eight young students believe that they could take on a challenge as big and ugly as racism and discrimination right where they lived.

Our Dreamer’s Community and our Facebook and Twitter pages are designed as tools to help you connect with others who share the same dream.  Together we can accomplish more.  Take the time to share your dream and the challenges you face, so that others can come alongside you to help, support and encourage you.  By sharing, you might find yourself part of a group that can look back 50 years later and know the difference you made.

All. Together. Now

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  1. Nicholas Wideman says:

    As a person who’s dream got connected to and birthed through MLK Dream Weekend. This article is lives inside me. As a matter of fact, my organization, Young Marathon Runners of America, will be having its inaugural 5K event on July 24th at Furman University. We aim to combat childhood obesity by raising awareness. Our efforts will be centers around inspiring our youth to get more active and learn about nutrition. I urge each one of you to take your Dreams & Passion seriously..

    All. Together. Now.

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